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Dec 17, 2012 12:30am EST
. the greater start up of new businesses in this country is at a record high. we need a rebalancing between the public and private sectors. we need this entrepreneurship. we put a cap on 1%. above all, on this issue, what i think is the right thing to do is to cut taxes the people in work rather than take more in taxes and redistribute it. >> it cannot be fair. [indiscernible] >> i think my honorable friend put it clearly. many people have seen a pay freeze year after year and welfare benefits have gone up. we face a choice. do we go on putting those welfare benefits up, which is not helping those people who are in work, or do we make the tough decisions? the only welfare labour who anyone took seriously said their approach is not serious. he is right. >> thank you. may i congratulate the prime minister and the u.k. government of following the lead of scottish government in introducing equal marriage, minimum pricing for alcohol, and, previously, on the smoking ban. will he follow in the lead of the scottish government? >> because of the measures taken, there is an extra 300 million
Dec 16, 2012 9:30pm EST
was a wall and then no man's land. they were standing there very nervous. at 4:00 in the morning everyone has drunk champagne, and they have already some the national anthem, so what you do next seven? people started to jump off the walls, and the guards would rush over and throw people back. it was not entirely as satisfying moment. i discovered as we were sitting there that east german politburo was trying to decide what to do about these people sitting on the wall and should they start shooting? it could have ended differently. >> i am going to run an interview with your husband. his name is? >> roddick. >> you have been defense minister for how long? >> six weeks. >> prior to that you have been living in the state's for several years. >> three years. i have been with the ministry before i was a deputy. >> here in washington you are known as mr. anne applebaum. >> i am proud to be married to anne. >> seven years ago. >> he looks so young. >> does he look that young today? >> he looks wonderful. >> what does that mean that he is now a minister of poland? how does that figure in
Dec 30, 2012 9:30pm EST
, the absolute worse outcome in all of this would be for nothing to happen at all. so mr. speaker we must not pro vidvide it. nothing i have seen so far in this debate suggests to me we will find a better solution. so with the prime minister shying away from one of lort justin levyson's ren men dation. let -- he joins me in the studio. ross. david ram ron said he would expect levison unless his conclusions are bonkers. >> why isn't he accepting it ne fuel? >> it would cause drawing up laws to govern what the pressure should do. this really was a question of the heart of all of this. how could you make sure that everybody was involvinged incluesing publishers that aren't to do so without the piece of legislation that would amount enemies of the system sucting to licensing. the law had to change. talks use similar language that would simply recognize an independent regulator in raw. this debate went for months and months and months. they were joined. it would billion far more something more owneress. that's what david cameron was addressing in some of of his concerns. how did it feel?
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)